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Safe Visits

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New Safety Procedures for Your Next Visit

We want to let you know how we are going the extra mile to keep you safe and healthy during this time.

We have always taken disinfecting and sterilizing very seriously. Dealing with preventing the spread of infectious disease is something that we are very accustomed to. Now, with the novel COVID-19 virus, we are going above and beyond in preventing the spread and keeping you safe. We have looked to both the CDC guidelines and local governing authorities to guide us on the most up-to-date requirements. As a team we have been meeting virtually and have focused our conversations on how to maintain patient and employee safety at this time. In light of this, we have decided to take on extra precautions that would help make everybody feel that much safer.

Please see below for a list of things that will be different when you come to your next dental appointment:

  • First and foremost, we ask that if you are feeling sick, experiencing a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please do not come to your appointment. We would be happy to reschedule your appointment.
  • When we confirm your appointment, we will be asking you a series of pre-screening questions to evaluate your risk of being infected with COVID-19. If you answer yes to any of the questions, we may need to consider rescheduling your appointment.
  • We are limiting the number of patients in the clinic at one given time. To aid us in that, we ask that you please call from your car when you arrive for your appointment. This allows us to ensure that your provider is ready to meet you at the door and take you back to your appointment right away to avoid sitting in the waiting room. Once your provider meets you at the door, we are required by the CDC to take your temperature prior to taking you back to the operatory setting.
  • Once you are seated in your operatory, we will ask you to do a pre-procedural rinse with a 1:1 ratio of water and hydrogen peroxide.
  • For your hygiene appointment, we are going to keep our aerosols as low as possible by not using our ultrasonic scalers/airflow or prophy polisher. We will be hand scaling only.
  • We will be providing disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer in high touch areas (door handles) for your convenience and safety.

We realize these are unusual and stressful times and we greatly appreciate your patience as we navigate through this!

Sincerely, Melissa J. Spaulding, DDS