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Do I Need Braces?

May 30, 2024

Spaulding Multidisciplinary Orthodontic Care

Dr. Melissa Spaulding embraces a multidisciplinary approach to orthodontics, ensuring every patient receives unique and specialized care with highly successful results.

Beyond Esthetics: Moving Teeth for Optimal Health

There are many reasons why moving teeth (braces or Invisalign) is a good idea. Sometimes it is strictly for esthetic reasons, but sometimes it is needed to keep your teeth functioning at their best for long term health. In other cases, such as the photos below, movement is needed to align gum tissue and make room for porcelain in a final restoration:

Spaulding Multidisciplinary Orthodontic Care

We are grateful to work with highly trained orthodontists in the Tacoma/Gig Harbor region and collaborate with them frequently to give you and your mouth the best care possible.

We focus on precision and patient comfort, guiding you through every step of your smile transformation. Start your journey to a healthy and long-lasting smile today and see why our holistic method is the key to lasting results.

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